This is a startup that aims to upend the SEO industry., an seo bot to automate your seo was founded by me, Marius Dosinescu, a seasoned businessman with over 23 years of experience in the IT and e-commerce industries. 

I’m passionate about SEO and fully appreciate the value of organic growth for companies.

This is a software solution grown from my own experience

With, I’ve made a way for ecommerce businesses to improve their online presence and rank higher in search engines, which is a problem they face., ecommerce seo

Our platform simplifies the SEO procedure, conserves time and money, and produces outcomes.

I’m proud to show you a technology that changes SEO and helps e-commerce businesses reach new heights. Join us on this thrilling journey if you’d like. I appreciate your consideration.

Visit the website here. is a powerful SEO automation platform for online stores that uses its own algorithms to get great results.

Features of

  • provides a full suite of SEO tools and features, including on-page optimization, website analysis, and keyword research. Since all tools are simple to use and intuitive, ecommerce businesses can easily maximize their online presence.


  • Ecommerce businesses can automate the SEO process with to save time and money. By eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, our platform frees up time for other crucial business operations. additionally offers real-time insights and analytics, which facilitate tracking and evaluating progress.


  • The advantages of using are obvious: better rankings, more organic traffic, and increased search engine visibility. Higher sales, improved brand recognition, and greater customer engagement are the results of these findings.

For e-commerce businesses looking to optimize their online presence and maximize their search engine visibility, provides a comprehensive, user-friendly SEO solution. Join us as we transform the SEO sector and improve the performance of e-commerce companies.