Welcome to my website

Hi, I’m Marius Dosinescu
an Entrepreneur.

Thomas Edison said "Vision without execution is hallucination." In everything I do, I keep in mind this quote, I work hard, I love business but more, I love my family and real life. Whatever your destination is, enjoy the trip, enjoy the moment.

Dosinescu Marius Florin - Romanian Entrepreneur

My Projects / businesses


AYSA.ai - SEO Automation

Founder & Business Development Manager

SEO automation tool, from passion to a SaaS business

Amon SEO


Co-Founder, Business Development

e-Commerce & SEO Agency




reInvent yourself, app for woman searching for happines

Nucarie - walnuts

Nucarie - Walnuts romanian shop

Co-Founder & advisor

We love nuts, and products made of nuts!


Founder FlorideLux.ro

The 1st online flower shop in Romania

We grew the business when nobody believed we can do it.



Founder of Avantaj NET web agency

My 1st company, a succes at that time


Any business relation started with a 1st contact!

Inbio Contact

Dosinescu Marius

Romanian Entrepreneur

I really like to develop real relations, beyond internet and phones, but, time is money, so, lets have a quick chat before.

Phone: +40722237373 Email: marius@dosinescu.ro

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    Are you looking to equip your vehicle with the best tires and accessories?

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    I recommend:

    1. SmileMed – Cabinet Stomatologic in Bucuresti – Cotroceni
    2. Clinica Trident – Clinica Stomatologica de TOp – Bucuresti
    3. Dair.ro – Distribuitor automate vending Bucuresti
    4. TotalPR – Agentie de PR Bucuresti
    5. Floraria FlorideLux.ro – Bucuresti