Dosinescu Marius Florin
Pasionate about internet, in love with real life

Marius Dosinescu - then and now

I am restless, I really like the startup business thrill, and the joy of a successful and established business. I enjoy interacting with entrepreneurs and giving them some advices, to avoid mistakes I’ve made!

  • I am a Father & Husband
  • Founder @ AYSA - SEO Automation - SaaS Business
  • Founder @ Amon SEO - e-Commerce & SEO Agency
  • Founder @
  • Mentor @ Founders Institute
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Education Journey


Ionita Asan High School - Caracal - computer science profile

My tech journey started in High School after I got rejected from Aviation Faculty in Craiova because of medical reasons.

Automation and computer Faculty

Politehnica University Bucharest
1999 - 2002

I never graduated due to a new path I decided to start on, entrepreneurship with my 1st startup AvantajNET, a web design and web development agency

Trainer Improvement Course Code COR 241205


In order to be able to teach people about flower business I took this course to improve my teaching skills and to be able to follow a certain standard in training.


Profesional journey

Internet cafe Caracal

1st internet cafe in Caracal

During my senior year in high school, being passionate about internet, I took a job at the 1st internet cafe in Caracal, my hometown. My passion for internet grew exponentially, understanding the huge potential it has.

Internet cafe Bucharest

1st internet cafe in Bucharest, S6

Before starting the faculty I decided to start working in an internet Cafe in Bucharest, it was the best solution to have acces to internet and in the same time to have a steady income.

Internet Cafe Coordinator

Sebastian - 13 Septembrie

I was learning very quickly, understanding about the internet, the business environment, this is why my employers decided to trust me with this position and I help them grow very quickly from a small internet cafe to a fully booked internet cafe & bar.

DTP @ Jurnalul National

Designer & tech support

I was hungry for knowledge, and in the same time I felt the need to enter in a more serious environment, to learn from business leaders, from great technicians and designers. I was a designer, learned to work on Macintosh and a lot of programs, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and also explored with the internet building the 1st version for the websites,,

Web Designer @ Aectra Internet Marketing

University of DVI (1997 - 2001))

I was working at Jurnalul National and a new opportunity appeared, to work for a startup as a Web & Graphic Designer. Here I learned how to deal with large projects, big clients, and how to develop an online presence for different brands.

IT Support @ Marius Tuca SHOW

University of DVI (1997 - 2001))

For more than 5 years I was part of Marius Tuca Show team. But the collaboration started slow, like technical support for the TV Show, dealing with networking, computers, security, etc.

IT Manager @ Marius Tuca Show

University of DVI (1997 - 2001))

Marius Tuca is a high demanding TV host and producer and he asked me to produce a website in a very short time if I want to get a better job. I did it in a few days, it was a marathon for mea, to learn and do in the same time. But I did it. After a while I was free to experiment different ideas and we launched the 1st online broadcast in Romania for a TV SHOW with RDS-RCS support and after a while the 1st SMS system integrated directly with the TV redaction, with automated control of the SMS, display, management, etc.

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects


  • Magento 1 & 2
  • Woocommerce

Project Management

I started with my web agency, moved to e-commerce and now I am building a SaaS solution for SEO professionals.

One skill help me a lot, the capacity to do Management, project management, and people management. 

Using plain excel sheets or more advanced web based software, either way, I am able to understand and build projects from scratch for my business or four our clients. 

Also experienced with


Web DesignCreative *** DirectionUser Interface (UI) *** User Experience (UX) *** Branding *** Information Architecture (IA) *** Mobile & Responsive Web Design (RWD) *

Search Engine Optimization

SEMRush (advanced) *** aHrefs *** MozPro *** SERanking  *** SEOMonitor *** GEORanker 

Photography & Videography

Product photography *** Studio shooting photography *** 


Google ADS *** Facebook ADS *** Social Networks campaings

Dosinescu Marius - Flori de Lux -

Portfolio sneakpeak

2007 - 2010

Entrepreneurial Journey


Web Design & Web Development Agency

Stay young, stay foolish... I was young, I was foolish, I didnt know what to expect, I knew what I am passionate about, I knew the services I am offering its in high demand, and I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey, with Avantaj NET, my agency, the 1st company and the 1st success! I was lucky!

Advertising Agency - Creative MDV

A creative agency with focus on small-medium enterprises.

Design was a service in high demand in that period, and together with 3 partners we decided to start the advertising agency. This was a failure like business but a succes from my perspective, I learned a lot about time management, focus and work load distribution between partners.

Travel Maker

An incoming travel agency, focused only on selling travel to ROmania to foreign people willing to discover our amazing country.

We helped this business to be launched and we got equity in the company. Willing to focus on our ecommerce business we decided to exit from that company, loosing everything we invested.

Online flower shop, with delivery everywhere in Romania and worldwide.

We started the business in 2003, and 1 year later, after some changes in branding, naming, and direction we launched the 1st online flower shop from Romania, with CC payments and delivery all over Romania. One year later we launched, parte of the network. 2005 we launched another line of business, in the same field,, online Christmas tree store. During this period we tried a few other business, like, an online photo laboratory, a free SMS website, an online pet shop, and many other projects, until one point when we decided to focus 100% on the flower business.

AMON SEO - e-Commerce & SEO

University of DVI (1997 - 2001))

After many years in e-Commerce i decided to take a step back, and to launch again, my web agency (ecommerce & Seo agency), AMON SEO. My passion is internet, technology with a lot of focus on SEO and SEM applied in e-commerce, so it was a natural step after so many years of experience in e-commerce industry. I know how the process works, I know the marketing needs behind an ecommerce website and I know how to grow a business. ALSO, the team behind me is ready to help grow your business fast and secure. Clients:,,,,


Artificial Inteligence is a must also in the Search engine marketing industry