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FlorideLux.ro is my baby! Actually has 11 years now, is not only a baby, its almost a teenager. I grew the business all these years, very shy at the beginning, being a little bit scared of the domain, also a little bit too proud …

The journey was amazing. I started in a market where nobody was paying online and I was a real stranger in those businesses – e-commerce and flowers. But with a lot of passion for the IT we managed to launch the first online flower shop in Romania in 2004, after 1 year of working and documentation. 2005, 2006, 2007 the business grew on me, in my mind, in my soul. We launched Coroane.ro, 1st Romanian online flower shop for funeral crowns

followed by BrazideCraciun.ro, the 1st online Xmas tree online shop.

In the meantime, more and more people were saying I was crazy, nobody will buy flowers online, etc. I am stubborn… and in 2008 I managed to attract a small investment from a Romanian business angel, Marius Ghenea…. AND THE REAL JOURNEY STARTED.

Because of the new journey my old one, my Web Agency, Avantaj NET, started to go down, to lose clients and of course, I had to accept I lost the battle…

The new FlorideLux.ro, after a small rebranding,  started to look better and better, we opened also our store and we started to explore the offline market. Of course, thats a different story….

Today I LOVE WHAT I DO. I do it with passion, I do it with happiness in my eyes and in my body. We have stores in Bucharest, Brasov and Cluj, we opened flower shops in Arad, Iasi and Pitesti, but, because of the market’s particular needs we had to close them.

Today we are growing with the market despite the high competition and the fact classic flower shops are entering on the online market, something normal and natural.

My dream..

I dream about FlorideLux.ro to become more powerful, more and more the 1st choice of Romanian in the moment they need flowers and gifts. This is almost a 200 million euro industry.

But we cannot make money without money and in order to grow faster and faster we need capital. If you are interested in investing our company please contact me at marius@floridelux.ro

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