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The accredited company, S.C. VLADUTA TOPAZ IMOBILIARE S.R.L, is authorized by ANRE to carry out electric connections and low and medium voltage electrical works, including designing and executing single-phase and three-phase overhead and underground power lines, transformer stations, and medium voltage stations.

With over 10 years of experience, the company ensures high-quality services at advantageous prices in compliance with Romanian regulations. Electric connections are essential for supplying energy to consumers, and they are made through electrical cables connected to the electricity distribution network.

Consumers rely on safe and reliable electrical connections to power their homes and businesses, and proper installation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure is crucial to ensuring this. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like S.C. Vladuta Topaz Imobiliare S.R.L, which is accredited by the ANRE and has years of experience in executing electrical connections and projects.

In addition to electrical connections, the company is also authorized to design and execute low and medium voltage power lines, both single-phase and three-phase, overhead and underground, as well as transformer stations and medium voltage substations. This means that they can handle a wide range of electrical needs, from residential homes to large industrial complexes.

The company places a strong emphasis on adhering to Romanian regulations and legislation, which helps ensure that their work is not only of high quality but also meets all necessary safety standards. They also strive to provide competitive pricing for their services so that customers can receive the best value for their money.

Aside from electrical connections, the company also offers services related to photovoltaic panel installation, electrical installations for buildings, and PRAM measurements. They can also provide assistance with obtaining ANRE permits and documents to ensure compliance with regulations.

In summary, if you need electrical connections or related services in Romania, S.C. Vladuta Topaz Imobiliare S.R.L is a reliable and experienced option to consider. With their ANRE accreditation and commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction, they can help you meet all of your electrical needs.

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